On  July 27th, EPS Managing Principal Darin Smith moderated an expert panel discussion concerning infrastructure financing tools and strategy.  In 2015, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) had retained EPS to author a paper on financing programs available to Bay Area cities.  The July forum was an offshoot of that work and was the second MTC “Planning Innovations Forum” this year.

The July forum focused on North San Jose, an DarinSmitharea ripe for growth but slow to develop consistent with the City’s vision for employment-supporting uses.  Jason Rogers, San Jose Planning Division Manager, presented on behalf of the City.  Darin then led a lively discussion of the opportunities and challenges for balanced development of North San Jose.  The panel, which included real estate developers active in the area and public finance experts, touched on market considerations, policy issues, funding and financing factors, and potential new revenue sources.

The EPS White Paper and additional materials from the Planning Innovations Forum are available for download, here: