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The Project

Promoting and enabling sustainable infill development is a principal objective of the SGC because of its consistency with the State Planning Priorities and because infill furthers many of the goals of all of the Council member agencies. Focusing growth toward infill areas takes development pressure off conservation lands and working lands; it increases transit ridership and reduces vehicle trips; it requires less per capita energy and water use than less space-efficient development; it improves public health by promoting active transportation and active lifestyles; and it provides a more equitable mix of housing choices, among other benefits. Thus, the SGC has been investigating actions that can be taken to improve the ability of local governments and private developers to successfully plan and build good infill projects.

Our Role
Working with a panel of financing experts, EPS documented existing funding resources, financing methods and “best practices”, identified constraints facing infill development, conducted a set of infill development case studies, and prepared recommendations for renewed intergovernmental coordination and specific new funding sources and financing mechanisms intended to improve infill development throughout the State’s urban areas.

The final report provides recommendations for State agencies to better coordinate and align existing financing mechanisms and programs, as well as broad policy recommendations to support increased revitalization efforts with regard to affordable housing, transit, and land use policies.