EPS identifies the economic and budgetary implications of land use projects, activities, and policies.

  • Fiscal Impact Analysis

    EPS helps governments and project proponents to consider the potential municipal net revenue benefits from land use plans and entitlements. Our fiscal impact models estimate tax and other public revenues generated by new development, as well as the cost of public services required to serve the new development. These studies commonly help our clients fine tune land use programs and to identify appropriate mitigations for negative fiscal impacts.

  • Economic Impact Analysis

    EPS offers clients deep expertise in regional economic analysis and commonly is called on to perform impact analysis. Our economic studies consider a range of economic effects that stem from changes in the composition of the regional economy, including impacts on jobs, employee compensation, and sales that are attributable to new economic activities, programs, or events. EPS studies commonly rely on Input-Output software models (e.g., IMPLAN or REMI) to estimate multiplier effects in the economy.

  • Municipal Incorporation, Annexation, and Special District Formations

    EPS consults with cities, districts, and other public entities concerning governance and organizational issues. Commonly, area plan or specific plan implementation measures include proposals for municipal annexation and/or the formation of special districts to provide municipal services. EPS prepares plans of service and feasibility studies that support the proposal review process.

  • Benefit-Cost Analysis and Public Return on Investment (ROI)

    EPS conducts economic benefit-cost analysis (BCA) to evaluate how a proposed project or regulation impacts society. EPS commonly provides BCA in the assessment of a government program or policy, or as part of a competitive project funding or prioritization process (e.g., TIGER grant program). We track federal and state guidance concerning economic analysis, and have earned a reputation for creative work that conforms to the industry standards but also captures more nuanced economic metrics related to the environment, public health, and quality of life.

  • Regulatory Support Services

    EPS routinely conducts specialized studies to meet regulatory requirements for project approvals. In particular, the firm performs Urban Decay Analysis when required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process. Additionally, EPS conducts Alternatives Analysis in support of project applicants seeking Clean Water Act permitting from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. EPS also has experience preparing economic analysis in support of 9212 studies concerning California voter initiatives.