EPS crafts housing policies and strategies that address regional needs, market realities, and community objectives, including affordability.

  • Housing Needs Assessments

    EPS works for numerous public- and private-sector clients assessing the strength of housing markets and recommending product types and market positioning that reflects demand. EPS conducts such analyses for stand-alone projects as well as large-scale master plans and urban planning policy documents.

  • Affordable Housing Strategies and Technical Support Services

    EPS assists cities and towns with affordable housing strategies and services that support government programs. In particular, EPS conducts “nexus” and “linkage” studies that quantify the connection between development and the need for additional affordable housing. EPS also determines fee levels that achieve the necessary affordable housing outcomes. In some cases, EPS evaluates the effect of affordable housing requirements on the financial feasibility of development.

  • Comprehensive Plan Housing Elements

    EPS supports jurisdictions in completing their state-mandated Housing Element updates and federally-mandated Consolidated Plans. Specifically, EPS prepares housing needs analyses and assists with program evaluation and new program development.

  • Inclusionary Zoning and Regulatory Strategies

    EPS works with jurisdictions to develop and retool affordable housing programs to meet changing market conditions and to perform the calculations and analysis to establish fees in lieu of building affordable homes on site. EPS has extensive experience preparing “nexus” studies that quantify the linkage between real estate development and affordable housing demand. Guided by the nexus study, EPS develops strategies and programs to support affordable housing development, commonly through affordable housing requirements and fee programs.

  • Affordable Housing Incentives Programs

    EPS prepares incentive programs that seek to promote production of affordable housing units. EPS commonly works with cities and towns to evaluate the potential for incentive zoning and other mechanisms to create financial benefits to development projects that can be used to offset the cost of affordable housing development.