EPS combines public-and private-sector resources for innovative development projects and partnerships.

  • Developer Advisory Services

    EPS provides our private sector clients with guidance and technical support services related to Request for Proposal responses and the development of mutually beneficial business terms as a part of contract negotiations. With a balanced practice of public and private sector clients, we are able to assist our private sector clients with messaging, content, and economic rationale that support their position and simultaneously appeals to public sector partners.

  • Developer Solicitation and Selection

    EPS supports public sector clients with the recruitment and selection of highly-qualified real estate development partners. Our work commonly includes market and financial feasibility analyses, marketing strategies, RFQ/RFP preparation, developer selection criteria, public policy evaluations, and political considerations.

  • Negotiation Support

    EPS works with both public- and private-sector entities to support public-private negotiations. The firm often tackles these negotiations by defining principles, negotiating terms, and crafting transaction documents. We strive to integrate well-researched information concerning project economics and regulatory parameters into the negotiation. Our services commonly are used during the negotiation of development agreements, infrastructure financing plans, mitigation measures, land swaps, and other agreements.