EPS advances realistic and achievable land use and development programs with rigorous market and financial analysis.

  • Market Studies

    EPS provides a research-based assessment of market fundamentals to determine the viability of land use plans and real estate projects. Our analyses consider the full range of factors affecting real estate demand and supply, including socio-economic trends, real estate performance, and consumer preferences. Our expertise covers the full range of real estate product types, including residential, retail, office, R&D, industrial, hospitality, and entertainment.

  • Financial Feasibility Analysis

    EPS financial feasibility analyses evaluate the expected economic performance of real estate development projects, drawing on market research concerning product values, analysis of construction costs, and an understanding of investor objectives. Our feasibility work relies on pro forma cash flow models that test feasibility under a range of project alternatives, market assumptions, financing alternatives, partnership options, disposition strategies, and measures of financial return.

  • Highest and Best Use Analysis

    EPS highest and best use analyses rely on market research and financial analysis to determine the most profitable use of a site, whether vacant land or an improved property. These studies consider the range of legally permissible and physically possible projects, assessing the likely market and financial performance of each viable land use option.

  • Asset Valuation and Repositioning

    EPS helps owners, investors, and developers of distressed real estate properties to understand the current and potential value of a property, and to determine the best course of action regarding repositioning, restructuring, and/or disposition.