EPS and a multidisciplinary team of researchers led by the University of the Pacific recently completed the Economic Sustainability Plan for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  This report to the State of California’s Delta Protection Commission details the contribution of Delta agriculture, recreation, and infrastructure to the regional and state economy.  In addition, the study considers the potential economic impact of proposed ecosystem improvements and water infrastructure projects in the Delta and makes recommendations to protect and enhance the Delta economy for future generations.  EPS served as lead consultant in the areas of socioeconomics, recreation economics, and community development.  The consultant team prepared the peer-reviewed study in an open and transparent process, which included four public drafts, 15 public meetings, and extensive input from dozens of stakeholders.  The Delta Protection Commission approved the plan on January 26, 2012, and the consultant team presented findings and recommendations to the State’s lead agency in the Delta, the Delta Stewardship Council, on
February 9 and 10.