The Inland Empire Chapter of the American Planning Association has selected the WRCOG Development Impact Fee Study to receive the 2017 Merit Award in the category of Economic Planning.

Development impact fees have become a critical part of California jurisdictions’ efforts to fund infrastructure over the last thirty years.  Their expanding use has raised questions about potential unintended consequences for regional economic development. In Western Riverside County, EPS partnered with the Rodriguez Consulting Group in preparing a Study to provide increased regional understanding of the role of development impact fees in Western Riverside County.

The Study created a common data set and analysis for Western Riverside County jurisdictions to review their use of the development impact fee tool by providing the first comprehensive summary in all Western Riverside County jurisdictions. The Report also provides regional fee comparisons between Western Riverside County and neighboring jurisdictions to support economic development considerations including a series of illustrative development cost models that indicate the role of development impact fees in the context of overall development economics.

WRCOG’s vision is to update this information periodically so it becomes a dynamic information tool for Western Riverside County communities.