The recent California Supreme Court decision to uphold AB1X 26 and determine that AB1X 27 was unconstitutional ended California redevelopment as it was formerly known.  In the wake of that decision, Successor Agencies are presently scrambling to determine and manage “enforceable obligations” while simultaneously being required to dispose of former redevelopment agency assets “expeditiously” and “in a manner aimed at maximizing value.”   EPS Principal Jamie Gomes recently presented a summary of the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) wind down process (PDF of PowerPoint presentation, 492 KB), focusing on actions by Successor Agencies and identifying ways in which the underlying municipal agencies (e.g., cities or counties) might creatively finance high-priority projects through alternative financing mechanisms.  The presentation was delivered on February 10, 2012, at the annual CASTOFF (Committee on Assessments, Special Taxes and Other Financing Facilities) meeting.  Please contact Jamie Gomes of our Sacramento office with questions regarding EPS’s role in assisting Successor Agencies with management of the RDA wind down process.