Susan Marcus
Administrative Manager
1330 Broadway Suite 450 Oakland, CA 94612

Susan is an Administrative Manager with over 25 years of experience identifying opportunities to improve business policies and objects. Susan is a member of the corporate management team where she sits on several committees and is responsible for planning, streamlining, and executing corporate workflows and procedures.

She works on reviewing contracts and insurance requirements, renewing certifications, setting and reviewing budgets, developing vendor relationships, managing the daily operations of the Oakland office, supervising administrative staff, and supporting ongoing business development efforts. Before joining EPS in 2012, Susan spent several years in Information Technology in non-profit, education, and the private sector. She resides in Oakland with her family, and she enjoys hiking, jigsaw puzzles, and playing pickleball.

Susan has a Master’s Degree in Management of Information Systems from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Maryland, College Park.