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EPS provides rigorous analysis and insightful solutions to address complex challenges in real estate development, land use policy, and local government finance. We are motivated by the role our work can play in shaping places where people live and we strive to create high-quality urban environments that advance the principles of diversity, resiliency, and shared prosperity.

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EPS offers a wealth of experience, robust technical expertise, and the ability to offer insightful solutions to address the challenges and opportunities of urban development.

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Jun 11
Tahoe Donner Association Adopts EPS’s Workforce Housing Study
Rosanna Ren

EPS completed a study for the Tahoe Donner Association (TDA) that addresses the rising issue of workforce housing for its employees. The TDA Board of Directors adopted the study in May 2024 and directed staff to incorporate its findings and selected strategies into its upcoming work plans. TDA is a homeowners’ association and resort community in Truckee, California. In high-costand low-supply mountain resort communities, the lack of access to affordable housing is affecting the ability of major employers like TDA to attract and retain employees.

TDA sought EPS’ expertise in housing needs assessments and economic development to research the scale of housing need among its workers. The project involved an employee survey and interviews with management staff, other major employers, and housing organizations in the region to understand the range of needs, preferences, and potential solutions.

The variety of housing needs among the Association’s year-round, seasonal, and student employees meant that workforce housing solutions would have to cover an equally diverse range of housing types. This research led the EPS team to develop a set of 14 recommendations that address housing needs and preferences as well as the opportunities and advantages for TDA. The recommendations range broadly from new construction, acquisition of existing housing, financial support programs, and homeowner education. Throughout the study, EPS collaborated with TDA staff to determine the priority, relative financial and operating risk, and timeline of each recommended action. With this study, TDA is equipped with the knowledge of how the recommended solutions benefit the organization and its employees, and able to take advantage ofresources, partnerships, and financing as these opportunities emerge.

Jun 3
EPS helps bring about significant land use and zoning amendments in Eagle, Colorado
Sarah Dunmire

In 2021, the Town of Eagle, Colorado, with a population of about 7,500, began updating its land use code for the first time since the 1970s to address rising housing prices. Eagle staff saw an opportunity to address affordable housing by leveraging state funds available to municipalities to complete a housing needs assessment and adopt new land use strategies. EPS, in collaboration with Clarion Associates, Town staff, an engaged Town Council, active resident participation, and state funding, brought about significant land use and zoning amendments.

EPS completed a Comprehensive Affordable Housing Strategy and Implementation Plan for the Town that includes an analysis of existing housing supply and pent-up demand, and the imbalance of the two. It examines where the most significant affordability gaps are within the inventory and identifies housing targets related to the “catch up” (existing need) and “keep up” (future need) by area median income (AMI) level. The housing strategy is a collection of 14 recommendations derived from workshops with staff and Town Council. Based on EPS’s recommendations, major zoning code changes were approved to increase the supply of affordable housing. These changes, known as ReCode Eagle, include allowing housing on civic sites, increasing affordable housing deed restriction requirements, creating a land donation program, establishing density bonuses, and permitting accessory dwelling units. Additionally, Eagle secured significant funding for affordable housing projects, including modular homes by Habitat for Humanity. These efforts place Eagle at the forefront of progressive housing solutions in Colorado. Read more about it here.

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