Gateway Cities Subregional Inclusionary Housing Strategy


Los Angeles County, CA

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Gateway Cities Council of Governments (GCCOG)
City fo San Bruno Website:
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EPS worked with the Gateway Cities Council of Governments(GCCOG), a coalition of 27 cities in southern Los Angeles County, to develop a Subregional Inclusionary Housing Policy Strategy and Toolkit. EPS technical and policy analysis has provided GCCOG member cities with the foundational data and tools needed to efficiently develop robust and productive local inclusionary policies tailored to their unique circumstances.

The Strategy and Toolkit is one of several initiatives undertaken by the COG to help its member cities to effectively promote the development of needed housing units, in recognition that increasing access to affordable and supportive housing is a common element in achieving quality of life, economic development, and equity objectives. The EPS analysis divided the member cities into various tiers, allowing city staff to locate their community along the market spectrum and better understand the appropriate inclusionary requirement that fits with their local market conditions.

In developing the Inclusionary Housing Policy Strategy, EPS evaluated subregional housing market conditions and development economics. EPS pro forma model assesses the financial impacts of various inclusionary requirements and associated in-lieu fees on housing development across the subregion. This foundational analysis fed into the “toolkit” that included an inclusionary housing ordinance template; a “calculator” for refining inclusionary requirements and fees; and a set of FAQ documents on inclusionary housing for use with staff, stakeholders, elected officials, and community members. EPS engaged with representatives from member cities throughout the study process and continues to support interested cities in next steps for adopting local inclusionary housing programs.

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