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Charleston East Building seen from Bay Lookout Point, image by Andrew Campbell Nelson (Source: Google's East Charleston Offices Nearly Complete - San Francisco YIMBY ( )
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Since 2016, EPS has provided land use planning and entitlement support to Google and its development partners as the company pursued headquarters expansion and mixed-use master plan projects across Silicon Valley. EPS engagements with Google included fiscal impact analysis of the Charleston East project (under construction with anticipated delivery 4Q 2023) and North Bayshore Master Plan (approved 2023) in Mountain View; fiscal analysis and community benefits negotiation support for the firm’s mixed-use development plans at Moffett Park in Sunnyvale and Downtown West in San Jose (approved 2021); and extensive retail market analysis and retail demand forecasting for the full Google portfolio of Bay Area development districts.

In our work for Google, EPS brings decades of experience in core service areas such as fiscal impact analysis and real estate market analysis. EPS also has been at the forefront of community benefits feasibility analysis and has advised Google with financial analyses, benefits package sizing, and best practices from throughout California. As an example, the community benefits associated with the approved Downtown West Plan are focused on advancing equity through affordable housing and funding for local programs. EPS coordinated closely with the Google team to analyze the financial feasibility of San Jose’s Downtown West project and size the community benefits package based on value creation principles. Ultimately, the Plan offered San Jose a robust public benefits commitment that also reflected the financial limitations of the development project.

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