Hensley Field Redevelopment Master Plan


Dallas, TX

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City of Dallas
City fo San Bruno Website:
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The City of Dallas sought a new master plan to redevelop Hensley Field, a former 738-acre US Naval Air Station located on Mountain Creek Lake, as a diverse, mixed use, and walkable community. The project’s mission is to “leverage the value of this City-owned asset to create an implementable plan that achieves community objectives related to economic recovery, social equity, and environmental sustainability.

EPS was economic consultant on a multidisciplinary team and completed a market analysis to identify the site’s potential for a mixed-use walkable community planned with 6,800 housing units in a range of product types and for 3.7 million square feet of commercial and institutional uses. EPS also prepared an affordable housing plan that will provide 20 percent affordable housing integrated throughout the project; and completed a redevelopment financing strategy and governance structure to implement the plan.

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