Pasadena Playhouse District Strategic Economic Development and Vision Plan


Pasadena, CA

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Pasadena Playhouse Village Association
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EPS helped the Pasadena Playhouse Village Association (PVA) design and implement a strategy to expand the market performance and vibrancy of a vital mixed-use neighborhood in the heart of the City’s downtown. The PVA Board adopted the Playhouse District Strategic Economic Development and Vision Implementation Plan in late 2018 and continues to engage EPS for ongoing initiatives, including a “return to source” funding strategy that has help convert a parking lot into a neighborhood park.

Anchored by the Pasadena Playhouse, a historic performing arts venue, and other cultural and entertainment venues (e.g., museums, comedy clubs, galleries) and supported by higher density office and residential development, this downtown neighborhood possesses the ingredients of a successful commercial and cultural destination serving San Gabriel Valley and beyond. EPS provided targeted market and financial analysis to inform policy and implementation strategies for the Playhouse Village Plan, focusing on how PVA should leverage its unique location and cultural assets to spur investments that will attract a larger regional draw. The study effort culminated in a strategy that addresses parking issues, catalytic projects at targeted opportunity sites, focused public investments (e.g., parks, plazas, wayfinding), branding, and other initiatives. EPS continues to work with the PVA to identify funding mechanisms that could be used to support public improvements and to provide guidance on how to address evolving economic circumstances in the post pandemic era.

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