Western Riverside County Impact Fee Economic Viability and Competitiveness Analysis


Riverside County, CA

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Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG)
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Since 2016, EPS has helped the Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) and its 22 member agencies make informed policy decisions around the implementation of new development impact fee programs. EPS’s technical analysis is motivated by WRCOG’s desire to better understand the economic implications of their public infrastructure programming, financing, and implementation efforts.

In support of WRCOG’s update to their regional transportation fee program, EPS compared how development impact fees in each area of western Riverside County relate to one another and to locations in nearby San Bernardino County and the Coachella Valley. EPS also showed how the size of impact fees across five categories—regional transportation fees, city fees, school fees, water and sewer fees, and other area or regional fees—affect the overall development economics for various project types.

EPS has provided this analytical support to WRCOG in three successive studies, most recently in 2021-22. Decision makers at all levels have found this information critical as they balance the need for financing infrastructure projects to serve new growth with the need to maintain economic viability and competitiveness. WRCOG has used the information in updating regional transportation fees, while individual WRCOG members have referenced it as they make updates to their local fee programs.

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