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Westminster, CA

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City of Westminster
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Since 2019 EPS has provided a variety of consulting services to the City of Westminster to support the redevelopment of a 1.2 million square feet enclosed and struggling shopping mall into a high-density, mixed-use neighborhood. Approved in November 2022, the Westminster Mall Specific Plan provides a blueprint for converting this strategic 98-acre site adjacent to the San Diego Freeway (405) in a manner that supports the City’s housing, civic, and economic development goals. The Plan was awarded the 2023 “Economic Planning & Development Award of Excellence” from the American Planning Association Orange Section.

Due to the changing nature of retail, many cities have sought to reposition antiquated regional malls to address economic and financial realities while balancing community demands for quality services, amenities, and attractive urban design. In Westminster, EPS worked collaboratively with the City and property owners to establish goals, policies, and strategies that ensure adequate infrastructure (e.g., roads and utilities), affordable housing (the plan allows for 3,000 units with 10 percent inclusionary), open space (over 17 acres), and retail amenities. EPS identified candidate funding and financing tools, crafted a RetailPreservation Policy, and other Specific Plan implementation measures. The firm is currently supporting the City as it structures the tax, fee and related funding mechanisms identified in the Plan.

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